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RRS AC Amendment Table:



rule #


3.04 03 Mar 2021 Borders Definitions of Keep Clear Border and Platform border includes area allowed for wind instrumentation
3.03 22 Jan 2021 41
 Delete exception to rule for after a capsize
 Clarification that umpires penalties do not require a 'Y Flag protest'
 Exception for capsize removed
 New (f) - add capsize as reason for umpires to penalise
3.02 13 Jan 2021 CNC
 35.2/ 35.3
 36 (b)
 Change rule references
 Change 'cross' to 'crosses'
 Add reference to rule 28.3 in definition
 Change definition to only cover OCS within 10 sec of start
 Refer only to Match Racing, add reference to retired.
 Boundary zone changed to 115m
 Correct reference back to 18.3(b)
 19 not apply prior to start when yachts are passing on opposite sides
 Prep signal now 2:10.
 Re-arrange entry rules for Prep signal at 2:10
 RC may terminate a race for scheduling reasons
 Rule now abandons race due to time limit, not the RC
 Remove reference to 44.1(c) - not applicable in Match Race
 Umpires signal for when a yacht retires
 OCS yacht must 'start' if it crossses starting line > start -10 sec
 Umpire initiated penalty for 41.
 Remove reference to protests for class rule decisions
 Change to Compliance with Class Rules section
 Scoring changed to account for a race termination
3.01 16 Dec 2020 Zone Boundary zone changed to 115m for the Preliminary regattas only
3.00 11 Nov 2020 - v3.00 as approved by World Sailing
Richard Slater,
29 Nov 2020, 11:31
Richard Slater,
16 Dec 2020, 15:51
Richard Slater,
12 Jan 2021, 19:26
Richard Slater,
21 Jan 2021, 20:05
Richard Slater,
6 Mar 2021, 13:16